Christmas card printing firm Schoolcardshop ceases trading

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A company that converts schoolchildren’s artwork into Christmas cards has gone out of business.

A statement on Schoolcardshop’s website said that its parent company, digital and personalised print supplier Dynamic Colour, was no longer trading.

The Edinburgh-based firm added that further details would be available on the site “in due course”.

Some parents have expressed their upset on Twitter, and are worried they may not get their money back.

Schoolcardshop allows families to create and personalise cards, and schools retain a proportion of the money spent by families on the products.

No-one was available for comment at Dynamic Colour on Wednesday evening.

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Schoolcardshop announced on its website that its parent company had stropped trading

Some families expressed concern about the company ceasing trading in the run-up to Christmas.

One parent told the BBC: “My daughter’s school was one of those that had signed up with this company to produce cards drawn by its pupils.

“We’ve already paid £12 for two packs that we won’t now be receiving. Have been told we’ll get our money back. I remain to be convinced.”

Recent posts from the company’s social media accounts mention the launch of an online store, while another tweet from the company’s account on 11 November says what “a busy week” its team had.

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A recent post on the company’s Facebook page said: “We’re very excited about launching our online store”

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Parents have commented underneath Schoolcardshop’s tweet with questions about whether the business has stopped trading

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